We are Pinal County law enforcment

Any employee, sworn or civilian, of the Pinal County Sherrif’s Office is automatically eligible to become member of LEAPC. 

-Supporting the members of Pinal County Law Enforcement

Legal Protections
Political Representation
Media Relations

Law Enforcement Associaion of Pinal County …

We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our members in matters involving legal perspectives, compensation, benefits, and retirement security.

LEAPC Benefits

All APA member associations have the following benefits readily available…

State Legislative Bill Lobbying

Bill research

Bill preparation

Selection of a bill sponsor

Introduction of the bill

Lobbying bill with members of the House and Senate

Testifying on merits of the bill in the House and Senate

Tracking and guiding the bill through legislative process

Opposing bills hostile to law enforcement (includes services of a, e, f and g)

    Assistance in Local Lobbying Efforts

    Assistance lobbying local c councils and county board of supervisors

    Issue research

    Issue documentation and make presentations

    Lobbying local Council/Boards/Committees

    Testifying before local Councils/Boards/Committees

      Political Activity

      Meeting with elected and yet to be elected candidates

      Assisting in signature collections

      Erecting political campaign signs

      Manning polling places

      Walking neighborhoods

      Organizing photo shoots

      Public appearances

        Political Endorsements

        Candidate research for statewide and local elections

        APA recommendation for endorsement

        Official APA endorsement

        Preparation of Press releases, APA announcements and other articles

        Recommendation for Political Action Committee donations

          Providing a Unifying Voice for APA Member Groups

          Liaison with the press

          Producing press releases on significant events

          Holding press conferences when necessary

          Maintaining APA Website focused on keeping APA members and the community as a whole informed about APA issues

          Exposing improper acts/tactics/policies through website and articles to be placed in member association’s newsletters

            Contacting and Lobbying Law Enforcement Employers At the direction of the Board of Directors

            Informally assist in the resolution of work related disputes

            Assist in developing a positive labor / management relationship

            Obtain information through public records requests to assist member groups

              Criminal and Civil Defense provided by
              Legal Defense Fund of PORAC

              (Access to PORAC is contingent on your association opting into coverage)

              Full scope of employment legal representation by an experienced criminal attorney from the outset of an investigation through trial

              Experienced civil attorney to monitor and assist you in a scope of employment civil issue when your employer provides primary representation

              If there is a conflict, inadequate representation, or if your employer refuses to defend you in a scope of employment civil legal issue, you will be provided independent counsel

              PORAC (Learn more...)

              The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund represents more than 135,000 members across most of the United States. PORAC’s employee base ranges from municipal police officers and firefighters, to deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and game and fish wardens. As an organization PORAC has been successfully representing peace officers since 1974. LDF or the Legal Defense Fund is one of the many products that PORAC offers to its membership. PORAC’s representative powers are obviously derived from its large and varied membership base.

              The Legal Defense Fund was designed to provide additional protection, both criminal and civil, to its members who become involved in scope of employment incidents. The Legal Defense Fund is managed by peace officers for peace officers. The fund has cash reserves in excess of $30,000,000 million dollars to protect its membership, with no caps on benefits. Whatever a covered incident costs will be paid by the fund.

              LDF Criminal and Civil representation is available regardless of who does the investigation. This includes investigations instigated by all the local, state and federal agencies. In addition to an experienced attorney, the “Customary and Usual” services provided by the LDF include investigators, expert witnesses, polygraphers, court reporters, and court costs. If a conflict arises in the coverage of multiple members, each member will receive separate council. Even if you are being defended and indemnified by your employer, the LDF will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case and be available to answer any questions about the case, review the pleadings and discovery, watch for conflicts between you and your employer and watch for any signs of inadequate representation.

              LDF representation is provided by a locally identified and approved panel of experienced attorneys. New organizational members to the fund do not have to give up their preferred attorneys. Through prior approval, most attorneys can be added to the Arizona Panel of attorneys approved by PORAC.

              Labor and Administrative Representation

              (Access to coverage is contingent on your association opting into coverage)

              Napier, Baillie, Wilson Bacon & Tallone P.C. is a premier full-service law firm with an emphasis on the representation of peace officers in disciplinary, criminal, labor, workers’ compensation, personal injury and other civil matters.

              Napier Baillie is dedicated to protecting the rights of peace officers, firefighters, public employees, and those who need expert legal assistance.

              Napier Baillie’s diverse legal team includes attorneys, labor relations representatives, professional negotiators, and private investigators. These professionals offer a broad range of experience and knowledge in labor and employment law related to the public sector, particularly law enforcement.

              Insurance services and free college tuition…

              Washington National provides our members with very competetive pricing and excellent service for their supplemental health and life insurance offerings. Their products include insurance covering cancer, critical illness, heart, hospital stays, accident, and universal life.

              As well, through a partnership with Eastern gateway Community College they provide free online college tuition for members of law enforcement and their families.

              Some of Our Other APA Members

              Member associations we represent…

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