Over 10,000 officers - Over 100 Agencies - One Voice

Speaking for those that serve Arizona...

The Arizona Police Association (APA) is “an association of associations.” The APA represents a group law enforcement employee groups. 

Through the combined effort and strengths of our member organizations, the APA is able to provide, at a very low cost, one large, amplified, law enforcement “voice” within our community. The main function of this “voice” is to effectively communicate with and lobby the state legislature, our federal representatives, and when needed, local city and town councils, board of supervisors and individual employers. This communication and lobbying is focused upon the issues affecting the working law enforcement officer, whether these issues concern retirement benefits, adequate pay, adequate equipment, due process rights, effective law enforcement legislation, or the ability of law enforcement officers to be treated fairly. Additionally, when circumstances warrant it, the APA will utilize its “voice” to publicly address issues that are of concern to our individual member groups or the organization as a whole. Publicly addressing these issues can come in the form of joint press conferences, press releases, public appearances and public education.

 We are an organization of local law enforcement officers helping local law enforcement officers.

We support those that protect and serve the great state of Arizona




Over 150 years of service to Arizona...

Arizona has a long and storied history of law enforcement dating back to the 1800’s and culminating in today’s modern police forces at the state, county and local levels. As long as these extraordinary men and women serve Arizona, we will be here to serve them.

Providing a voice and support
FOR members of law enforcement and their families



A Memorial to pay tribute...

Anyone who has the opportunity to visit Wesley Bolin Plaza in the state Capitol Mall should stop by a profound memorial that honors the men and women of law enforcement who have given their lives in the line of duty.

The Police Officers Memorial is a beautifully rendered statue of a lawman standing with his head bowed in reverence for those who fell serving this state.

The man who stood as the model for that memorial was himself a law enforcement officer. Gordon Selby was a Phoenix Police detective and later became the assistant chief of the criminal division of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, retiring in 1977.

Gordon Selby passed away on January 6, 2014 at the age of 91. He leaves behind a loving family and many friends who will miss him. And for those of us in the law enforcement community, we extend our thanks to Gordon for his service, and for being such a vital part of a memorial that honors those who paid the ultimate price to make our community safer.

I hope you will stop by the Police Officers Memorial and offer some thoughts of gratitude for Gordon Selby and all those whose legacy and sacrifice are commemorated there.