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Arizonans have always had an independent streak about them, and Arizona Law Enforcement Officers are no different. That is why in 1994 the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) saw the need for a strong statewide voice for independent Arizona Law Enforcement Officers and the Associations that represent them.
PLEA President Mike Petchel began the discussions with several valley Associations about forming a Statewide association. And thus, on October 12th, 1994 the Arizona Police Association (APA) was incorporated. The plank member associations of the APA were the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the Associated Highway Patrolman of Arizona, the Peoria Police Officers Association, the Mesa Police Association, and the Tucson Police Officers Association.
Soon after, one by one, several other independent valley metro police associations joined the APA making the voice louder and more powerful.

The APA was approached by a group of Arizona Department of Correction Officers who felt their interest where not being represented by their current labor group. The APA recognized the importance of Correction in the overall scope of public safety and agreed to help. The Arizona Corrections Association (ACA) was incorporated in June 2009 with the assistance of the APA and PLEA. As a result, the APA also speaks for county/local detention officers as well.

A major growth in the southern part of the state occurred when the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Arizona (CLEAA) joined the APA in 2012. CLEAA is a multi-association covering southern Arizona including the Arizona Probation Officers Association.
Then in 2015 the Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Association (NALEA) joined the APA bring multiple law enforcement associations with them.

Due to Arizona’s proximity to the southern border and the impact of illegal immigration the National Border Patrol local #2544 (Tucson) and U S Customs and Border Protection CH.16 saw the mutual benefits of APA membership. The APA is a valued partner for these two professional law enforcement associations at the state capital.
Today, the APA is the largest and most powerful legislative voice in Arizona. In addition, many of our member groups belong to the National Association of Police Organization (NAPO) which provides a national voice in Washington for independent Arizona Law Enforcement Officers.

“It is an honor to serve as your President. The Arizona Police Association is the largest independent law enforcement association in Arizona speaking for Arizona public safety professionals. In our 27+ year history the APA has led in the improvement of Arizona law enforcement professional’s compensation, safety, and working conditions through effective representation at the Arizona State legislature and all other governmental bodies that impact their careers.


If  you are looking to form an association or your current association is looking to improve your officers working conditions and move your interests forward do not hesitate to contact us. We are all stronger together!”

-Justin Harris, President 

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Arizona Police Association,
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We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our member associations in matters involving legal perspectives, compensation, benefits, and retirement security.

Our Board of Directors…

Justin Harris


Justin Harris has lived a lifetime of serves. His law enforcement career started in 1992 as a correctional officer with the Arizona Department of Corrections before moving to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as a Detention officer. He first became a police officer with the Prescott Valley Police Department in 1998. While there he was a founding member of the Prescott Valley Police Officers Association. He joined the Glendale Police Department in 2001. Justin has served his community with honor and has received numerous awards including the medal of lifesaving.

Upon joining the Glendale Police Department, he immediately become a member of the Glendale Law Enforcement Association (GLEA). He was an active member and joined the GLEA board as Vice President in 2006. Justin was elected President of GLEA in 2008 and has served in that role ever since.

In addition to his work with GLEA, Justin also serves as an elected member of the local PSPRS board and the City of Glendale Deferred Compensation board. 

Since 2008 Justin has been an active board member of the Arizona Police Association (APA). He soon became an executive board member assuming the position of Secretary. In 2015 he was elected as APA President. With his personal experience as a Corrections Officer, a Detention Officer, as well as a Peace Officer Justin is uniquely qualified to represent the interest of the Arizona Police Association.

Darrell Kriplean

Vice President

Darrell joined the Phoenix Police Department in 1994 and was assigned to the Maryvale Precinct where he spent 22 years working as a patrol officer. From day 1, Darrell has been a member of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association as he recognized the benefits of being united with his fellow officers.

After utilizing the representation offered by PLEA, he understood that officers needed strong and competent representatives when interacting with police management, and in 2012 became a field representative with PLEA.  In 2016, Darrell was appointed to the board as a Trustee.  A short time later he was asked to serve as the Treasurer / Chief Negotiator of the Association and served in that capacity for 6 years.

In 2018, Darrell was successful in negotiating the first wage increase for the police officers and detectives after 10 years of concessions.  He was elected to the PSPRS local pension board and served as a board member for 4 years.  In addition, he has served on the Health Care Task Force and is a current board member for the City of Phoenix 457 Deferred Compensations / Post Employment Health Plan board.

April 2022, Darrell was appointed President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association to finish the vacated term of former President Britt London.  In July of the same year, Darrell was elected to a 3-year term as President.

Darrell is proud to represent the officers and detectives of the Phoenix Police Department and will vigorously work to protect their legal rights and increase their total compensation.

Jobe Dickinson


Jobe was hired as an officer by the Tucson Police Department in 2000. He has an Associate’s Degree from Pima Community College. During his tenure with TPD he operated as a patrol officer, undercover surveillance officer, auto theft investigator, field training officer, patrol sergeant, and as the Special Events Sergeant.

From day one, Jobe was a member the Tucson Police Officers Association. In 2010, he became an active board member for TPOA. In 2013 Jobe became the full time Grievance Chairman. After promoting to Sergeant with TPD in 2015, he became a Sergeant Trustee board member and then went on to become Vice President of TPOA. In 2016, he was appointed as Treasurer for CLEAA.

In 2019, Jobe retired from the Tucson police department. He became the Executive Director of CLEAA. In 2019, Jobe also became Secretary of the Arizona Police Association. Jobe is very proud to work full time on protecting officer’s legal rights and working conditions.

Glenn Pearson


Joe Clure

Executive Director

Joe started his law enforcement career in 1978 as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army. Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the Army, he was hired by the Phoenix Police Department in 1982. Joe worked his first 13 years on the job in patrol in the Maryvale Precinct. He also, worked the Cactus Park and Black Mountain Precincts as well. Over his career he has received numerous awards including Phoenix’s Medal of Valor.

From day one he was a member of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). After three years on the job, he became a PLEA representative assisting other officers in work related matters. Frist elected to the PLEA board in 1996 as a trustee, he later became the Treasurer and chief contract negotiator. He negotiated the MOU between the City of Phoenix and PLEA for over ten years.

Joe also served on the City of Phoenix 457 Deferred Compensation Board and the Healthcare Task Force which oversaw healthcare insurance issues for City of Phoenix employees. He also served as an elected Area 1 Vice President on the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) Board for several years.

In 2011 he was elected President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. While President he dealt with the tragic loss of Officer Craig Tiger and the unjust treatment he received as a direct result of his Post-Traumatic Stress Injury he suffered from line of duty causes. This ultimately resulted in many changes at the Phoenix Police Department and the “Craig Tiger Act” legislation.

Joe retired from the Phoenix Police Department in 2016 and became the Executive Director of the Arizona Police Association in 2017.

Jess Jankowski

Office Manager

Jess has worked for the Arizona Police Association for over 5 years. As the office manager her main priority is helping officers access their discounted benefits, including Verizon and amusement parks, through the Arizona Police Association. She manages the Verizon accounts for all the associations and assists the board as needed.

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